Polynation – Cascade (Remix Stems)

Polynation – Cascade (Remix Stems)

126 BPM
𝄞 Db minor
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Our favorite 3 remixes are mastered by a professional mastering engineer and uploaded to the Atomnation Bandcamp & Soundcloud. Besides, for the winners, there are 3 prizes to choose from: Option 1: An official Ableton live 10.1 license (599 euro) + vinyl copy of Igneous Option 2: A Korg Monologue (244 euro) + vinyl copy of Igneous Option 3: A vinyl copy of Igneous The winner picks his/her favorite option first. Then nr 2, then nr 3…


Stijn Hosman and Hessel Stuut from Polynation decide together with Pascal Terstappen from Atomnation what remixes are their favorites. They choose the winner(s), democratically. Every submitted remix gets heard. No favors. Dare to be different. Stand out! Disclaimer / FAQ: All rights of “Polynation – Cascade” and its remixes belong to the band Polynation and to the record label Atomnation. Remixers and 3rd parties are not permitted to sell, release or self-release remixes, as also, sell, release or self-release original material that contains samples of this remix package. Remixers and 3rd parties are not allowed to upload remixes to any other (music) platform/service then SoundCloud, Facebook or Instagram. Free downloads on SoundCloud are permitted. Once the competition is closed and winners are announced, we’ll remove the remix files from Bandcamp and no longer listen to newly submitted tracks. In case the label decides to officially release a remix from this competition to other music platforms then Bandcamp and SoundCloud, the remixer will be compensated with an industry-standard percentage of the sales from their remix. By downloading the remix files, you’ve agreed to these terms. Atomnation.net, 2019 – All Rights Reserved – label@atomnation.net


1. Download the remix parts and remix the track 2. Once ready, upload your remix of Cascade publicly on SoundCloud 3. Submit your version officially via email before the 9th of September >> How? Send an e-mail to polynationcascaderemix@atomnation.net with the name of your remix in the subject line. We’ll notify you once your submission is received. Ah! …don’t forget to include a link to your track!