CDCKOSH x Paomazing – Flash Romance (Remix Stems)

CDCKOSH x Paomazing – Flash Romance (Remix Stems)

This stems is protected under our authority. You can not use these stems for personal projects, commercial or different platforms
such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more. Only releases authorized by Cristulbal Delgado, Edgar Orillac and Paolo Martinez will be allowed.

If your launch is NOT AUTHORIZED, you may end up in legal matters. Please, do not make that mistake.

That said, they can upload the song to YouTube and soundcloud. We accept remixes, edits and memes of it.

If your remix has not been authorized, please call it “bootleg”, although it is very likely that everyone will ignore that …

The song is at 110bpm and is in D # MAJOR.
With the essential Midi you can get the bass (if you are a good producer, you will understand).
It did not include the drop midi or the arpeggios. It was a decision on the part of the team to push creativity.

When they finish it they can send it to

Thanks and good luck from Cristulbal, Edgar and Paolo.


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