Koltbach – Fol (♥) (Remix Stems)



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One response to “Koltbach – Fol (♥) (Remix Stems)”

  1. Koltbach says:

    !!!NEW!!! The best remixes in terms of creativity, production and mix will be considered for official release early 2021 via Springstoff (Berlin)!!! All entries until december 15th 2020 will definitely be part of this opportunity! Everyone who like to take part here, get in contact with me: hello@koltbach.com! I already have five(!) awesome remixes which will be part of the compilation and there are at least five more slots to go! So don’t hesitate – get one of them! I’m looking forward to hear from you… (Update: Maybe I’ll go over the limit if more mixes come in that absolutely should see the light of day!)

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