Hexadigital - Ghouls (Remix Stems)

2029  219   3.0

by author, 140 bpm, electronica, with midi, dubstep

Remix Contest

Finished song is in F Harmonic Minor, 140 BPM

Ghouls Alpha was the "rough sketch" of the song
Ghouls Beta was the "fleshed out" version of the song, which was the source for the final copy.
Ghouls Final is, as the name suggests, the final version of the song.

These files are distributed for the Ghouls Remix contest! Send all remixes to hexadigital@vastitune.com   before Oct 1st, 2016 to qualify!

1. Remixes must not use any copyrighted material (including but not limited to: snippets from other songs, samples that you do not have clearance to use)
2. Your artist name must be in the email (so that I can credit you for the remix!)
3a. Remixes must be submitted as a WAV file, uploaded to Mediafire, MEGA, or some similar file sharing site.
3b. If there is an issue with the file host or the file itself, I will contact you about it.
4. Up to three remixers will receive a monetary reward through Paypal! ($15, $10, $5)
5a. One remixer MAY be featured on my debut album itself, and not the remix album. (I will contact you if this is the case)
5b. If this happens, said remixer will receive a cut of all profit for the entire year after release through Paypal. (percentage to be determined)

1. You are free to use these stems for whatever you wish, so long as credit is given.
1a. If a large amount of stems are used, credit is given in the form of "Hexadigital - Ghouls (artist-name Remix)"
1b. If a moderate amount of stems are used, credit is given as (ft. Hexadigital) in the song title.
1c. If a small amount of stems are used, credit is given as a mention in the liner notes or whatever you use for credits.
2a. If you wish to sell something that makes use of these stems, please contact me before selling it.
2b. It's highly unlikely that I will refuse to allow you to sell it, but I may specify different naming constraints. [see #1 for more details]
3. If you do anything with these stems, I'd love to hear it!

Have fun remixing!

Size: 333 MB

If you see download limit on Yandex Disk

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Breaks Rock Industrial electronic rock 180 bpm dubstep Drum & Bass with midi Trance electro glitch 108 bpm ambient acapella 8-bit hardcore hard dance brostep 145 bpm 125 bpm F# minor glitch hop 119 bpm 132 bpm C# 130 BPM 142 bpm progressive house 134 bpm without midi 126 bpm G# minor 128 bpm techno Hip-Hop 122 bpm minimal techno 174 bpm House 135 bpm 115 bpm D minor C Minor 127 bpm 124 bpm 176 bpm 175 bpm EBM dark electro 148 bpm 79 bpm F# funk D# minor G minor 70 bpm r&b 84 bpm eurodance progressive trance D# 75 bpm 170 bpm A# minor F minor 118 bpm A minor flp 90 bpm 150 bpm 87 bpm C# minor Big Room hardstyle G# A# 76 bpm 138 bpm 146 bpm rap 136 BPM 94 bpm 190 bpm 86 bpm B minor 129 bpm 103 bpm 172 bpm 152 bpm Tech House Soundtrack 112 bpm bass FX Nu Disco Trip-Hop 173 bpm 141 bpm 105 bpm 155 bpm 133 bpm Psytrance 101 BPM 100 bpm G# major 140 bpm Trap neurofunk deep house 120 bpm chillout Downtempo E minor 85 bpm 110 bpm moombahton pop electronica 98 bpm Electro House Alternative 123 bpm other genres A major complextro 117 bpm A# major Jazz by author Dancehall russian pop em cm 159 bpm 109 bpm multitrack Experimental 93 bpm am 92 bpm 165 bpm 156 bpm 95 bpm 106 bpm 144 bpm 121 bpm 154 bpm Garage D major bb Bb minor 80 BPM Abm G major C# major 147 bpm F major 160 bpm 91 bpm acoustic Instrumental 114 bpm 107 bpm Disco Breakcore 111 bpm future house Neotrance IDM reggae 71 bpm 63 bpm Indie DIY russian trash electro 78 bpm AB Indie Dance 116 bpm 143 bpm goth 96 bpm 149 bpm C major 88 bpm Hard Trance A♯ minor Acid F♯ minor G♯ major witch house future garage E major B major Happy Hardcore D♯ major A♯ major alp metalcore Deathcore Guitar Scream solo Vocal Drums Strings choir Synth Drum gp5 Guitars lead piano Kick Als 60 bpm 168 bpm deathstep 163 bpm 164 bpm retrowave synthwave 99 bpm F moll G moll A moll B moll Melbourne Bounce chillstep Future Bass edm 83 bpm male vocals Female Vocals 113 bpm Remake 104 bpm 65 bpm chiptune Riddim Pads Leads Percussion ARP Chords Dub Techno Soul D Flat Minor pluck surround 59 bpm 3-4 74 bpm 64 bpm 73 bpm 162 bpm 55 bpm 102 bpm drumstep 131 bpm Blues 72 bpm rock band Country Tropical House D# major 139 bpm 97 bpm Orchestra Saw plucks midi conga arps Rhodes sax Flute sitar Brass bells Violin Tambourine electro trash Riser 808 Trumpet keys cello stabs synths Bongo accordion latin freestyle Instruments timpani FreeStyle Organ Sub Horns

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