Xorro - Dominion (Remix Stems)
Trap   Xorro

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without midi, Trap, by author

"I am so happy to release my first EP in a while, World Peace. To hype it all up, I relelased my personal favorite song from it, and this did take me a while to work with some new sounds that I have never even touched before, so you'll expect some flaws in this song as normal. I think it would be pretty awesome to see everyone's different versions of the track, so I set up these Remix Stems for "Dominion" I know this isn't my best work, but it's my favorite from almost all of the other songs I have ever created, and even so, it's nice that everyone has a different perspective and that they can create what their mind tells them too. There are 12 seperate stems for the song, however I did have some separate parts of the song mushed together to make it easier for you all. If I didn't, then there would've been at least 21 stems!"

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